Who We Are

School readiness and family support are crucial from birth to age 4-years-old when the foundations of learning and development are laid. At Foundations Early Learning & Family Center, our core mission is to provide a Christian environment where children develop academically, physically, socially and spiritually. We  children in the Fairfield, AL community the foundational start they need to prepare for school readiness and beyond.To come alongside our families is also at the heart of our mission. We partner with them to equip them to prepare their children for school by combining the best-known practices in early childhood education with the love,grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing so, Foundations can impact not only the child, but the family and the community as a whole – with tremendous and positive long-term effects in all areas of life.

"During the first three years of life, children rapidly develop foundational capabilities - cognitive, social and emotional - on which subsequent development builds. These years are even more important for infants and toddlers (who may be at risk)." -- - Zero to Three Policy Center