Foundations is an exciting Pre-K program located in Fairfield, Alabama. Currently, we offer a 3K and two 4K classes, with the ultimate goal to serve children from ages 0-4. Our big news is being awarded another grant from the State of Alabama’s First-Class Pre-K Initiative to help add that second 4K class. We continue to partner with the Fairfield, Bessemer and Midfield School Systems at the Forest Hills Community Development Center. The major components of our program are listed below:

Foundations Early Learning & Family Center combines…

  • High quality Pre-K curricula for 3K & 4K
  • Bi-weekly family participation, education and support
  • Child development evaluations and referral
  • Optional after-school care
  • Health, vision, dental and hearing screenings

…with the love, grace and hope of the Gospel.

Partner with us by volunteering, serving, or giving to our program!

We are located in the Forest Hills Community Development Center (7000 Grasselli Road  Fairfield, Alabama 35064).

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